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An intelligent strategy is the basis of every successful activity. It sets the direction and defines the goals we want to achieve together. Along the way, it serves as our navigation tool: we stay on course at all times.


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Strategy & brand

Strong brands

Outstanding brands have a clear personality. They are distinctive and authentic. To shape the identity of your brand, we create a sustainable communication strategy for you. How we do it? 

Our methods are agile and collaborative. A deep analysis of your brand is our starting point. Through workshops with your team, we identify values and bring target groups to life. We develop your individual brand steering wheel and accompany you during the internal and external roll-out of your brand or campaign - always keeping an eye on the strategy.

Our strategic brand management strengthens your brand and ensures long-term success. We look forward to this challenging and dynamic process..

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Strategie Kommunikationsagentur Koeln

Just be yourself

Your corporate identity stems from your company's core: only if you know who you are, you can appear convincing and persuasive - both externally and internally. We help you to uncover and shape your very own profile, to tell your story, and to communicate it in a beneficial way. 

A strong vision and mission shape your philosophy; values and guidelines come alive in your corporate culture. Your credibility is also measured by how you present yourself and act as part of society. Corporate social responsibility and the sustainability of entrepreneurial action concern many people today. 

On the road to your corporate identity, we support you as a driving force and strategic partner, making sure the people you want to reach are always at your side.

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From temping to tempting

Employer branding is always part of a successful corporate strategy. As an employer you are a brand yourself - so make your brand shine in the competition for talent and great employees. Employer branding also has an internal impact: It strengthens identification and gathers everyone in the company behind the shared values. This generates energy - and motivates and empowers employees on their way to becoming true brand ambassadors. 

Employer branding is a holistic process that we continually refine and customize: from the positioning of your employer brand to the creative design and implementation of your employer image. Intelligent and effective, with measures covering all aspects of recruiting, personnel marketing, internal communication and reputation on the social web. This is how we shape employer personalities - creative, credible and convincing. 

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