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Every company, every brand has interesting stories to tell. Intelligent communication excites people about these stories – in many ways, through virtuoso storytelling, in words and pictures, with themes and ideas, at shows and events, online and offline, from one human being to another. This is the kind of content that creates long-term relationships.


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Public Relations

You are what you say

Establishing, maintaining and developing relationships: it is an art form, both in the personal environment and in the world of professional communication. For it to work, we need to have something to say, to be interesting partners. Meaningful and relevant content strengthens relationships between brands, people, multipliers and the public. 

We develop strategies, consult and support, position and network. We bring you together with people who become part of your story. This is how we shape your relationships with all important stakeholders. Authentically, significantly and bindingly.

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Media relations

We know how

Designing content, presenting information sensibly, striking the right note, nurturing contacts, offering added value: we do everything we can to work with the media in a sustainable way. This includes all available formats created to reach people.

Classic media briefings, interviews, specialist articles, application stories and press events are just as much a part of this as explanatory films, infographics, media training and more. Styles and content play together, complement each other. That is our terrain.

We also enjoy technical topics and products in need of explanation. There is no such thing as too complicated. Language and images always find their way. We have built up long-standing relationships with many journalists. In doing so, we always discover and shape new topics, formats, channels and partnerships in a media landscape that never stands still.

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Corporate Publishing

Talk and tell

Successful corporate publishing needs creative content. It needs intelligent concepts and well told stories that convey your messages vividly and directly. 

The media landscape? It's diverse: newsletters, employee magazines, corporate blogs - and many other ways and formats that we can uniquely tailor to your corporate communication needs. We define and conceptualize, identify topics, write copy texts, and design and network your content, creating gripping stories: the stories of your success. Because good content speaks for itself and will be shared - not only in moving words, but also in moving pictures.

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Social Media

Smart communication

Intelligent communication is networked, increasingly digital and mobile. Those who are smart know how to take advantage of this - and those who don’t are clicked off. Creative, emotional and authentic content attracts attention and sticks with people when it responds to their needs and interests. 

A creative approach and an intelligent campaign strategy generate reach and interaction. We tell your story in a way that makes relevant content appear at the right moment on the right channel - ensuring that your channels reinforce one another. Organic or paid, owned or earned, engaged, or conversion-optimized: the world of social media and online PR is full of exciting possibilities.

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Influencer Relations

Reach the right people with the right people

Influencers make opinions, set trends, and virtually gather people around them. They are dynamic and emotional interfaces for communication and the target of many marketing departments. But influencer relations do not equal advertising, and influencers cannot be bought. They want to be convinced. This is achieved through good content and a well-established network of relationships. With us, you get both. Moreover: influencers can not only be found on Instagram but also in publishing houses, companies, associations, and politics.

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Online Marketing

Success can be measured

Understanding digital tools means knowing and using their full range - and checking their performance. Listening, monitoring and web analytics provide important insights for successful content strategies. Their goal is to bring unique content to people in a variety of networked ways to create sustainable connections: on the web, in apps and in social media. 

Our understanding of targeted communication on the web is holistic. Because the measuring of impact is not only a question of technology. We know the context of your key figures, identify your relevant contact points, and create conversions as well as trust and commitment. 

We connect content with people: thanks to precise targeting and proceeding in an effective, reliable and direct way.

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