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Trust opens doors

Trust opens doors - especially at dormakaba, one of the world's leading companies for access and security solutions. Trust, curiosity, and courage as well as consistent customer and performance orientation are values that are lived every day and make dormakaba an internationally successful company and top employer.


The strategy: "We create trust. Every day" - with this key statement we sum up the self-conception of those working at dormakaba. This message forms the basis of our employer branding strategy, which relies on employees as brand ambassadors. With employee-generated content, we create an authentic appearance that highlights the strengths of the employer brand and the pride of the employees in their company and their performance. 

The result: This way, an already strong bond is strengthened further - the best prerequisite for attracting new talent and achieving success together.

Employee shootings and videos:
with a company-wide contest, we looked for the "Faces of dormakaba".
In a big shooting, we portrayed these employees and shot videos
in which they talk about what trust means to them and how they live it every day.
From this, we generate content for the career website and many other materials.

Social Media

In social media communication, we rely on engaging stories from our employees, which we adapt according to the appropriate channels.

Employer Branding and Internal Branding Guides

With a comprehensive guide, we ensure that all communication media have a uniform, distinctive look.


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Dormakaba Employer Branding
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Dormakaba Employer Branding
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