Stadt Bonn

This is how attractive the federal city is

Future. Future. Avenir. Bonn. With its wealth of cultural activities and international flair, the former German capital, now wearing the title of the Federal City of Bonn, is an attractive place to live and work. As a business location and the headquarters of important UN organizations and scientific institutions, it has significance far beyond the region. In order to attract potential investors, citizens and visitors among the competition of other municipalities, the city wanted to strengthen the communication of these benefits. 

Content Relations Design Stadt Bonn
Stadt Bonn

The strategy: We supported the Bonn Economic Development Agency by designing brochures with a clean and attractive layout that highlight the advantages of Bonn as a business location. The tourism brochure puts the city's diverse offerings in a more emotional light with appealing large-format images and creative copy-writing. For the marketing of a completely new business park, we developed an independent corporate design concept that creatively reflects the special features as well as the design and history of the location.

The result: The distinct design and well-thought-out concepts lend the materials expressiveness and an independent look, thus attracting the attention of companies, investors, citizens and visitors.