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Pure design for maximum enjoyment

The Rotonda Business Club brings people together and creates space for exchange and relationships. This includes the club's own restaurant, which has been extensively renovated and now offers a new concept. A high-quality ambiance, premium sustainable products and a young, creative chef - this is how "Sal's Kitchen" wants to win over both business people and private visitors.

Sal's Kitchen
Corporate Identity

The strategy: Sal's Kitchen serves real taste. This principle is embodied by star chef Saloum Raphael Doucouré with his passion for the authentic and good. We illustrated this passion with a reduced, high-quality design. The logo, menus and website are presented in a modern and straightforward manner. They focus on what really counts when visiting a restaurant, no matter the reason: eating and enjoying in a relaxed atmosphere.

The result: Sal's Kitchen presents itself in a high-quality, creative and personal way - on-site and on the web. The new concept not only appeals to members of the business club, but to all citizens of Cologne who love good food.

Corporate Identity Design Sal's Kitchen

Sophisticated, independent, authentic: the elegant appearance sets the mood for first-class fresh cuisine and perfectly reflects the spirit of Sal's Kitchen.

Corporate Identity Design Sal's Kitchen