The word agency stems from the Latin term for acting, making a difference. For over 20 years, we have been doing exactly that, with commitment, a clear head and our whole hearts, driven by ideas and strategic foresight. Our goal: to move our clients' brands forward.


Did we already give you an idea?

In brief: rheinfaktor - Agentur für Kommunikation is an owner-managed agency with core competencies in strategy, design and content relations.

What's behind it all: a highly motivated team of over 25 crew members with very different focuses, backgrounds, passions and interests. Our combined expertise complements and strengthens each other. We cover a wide range of competencies and are consistently drawing inspiration from new impulses that enrich our work. The result? Intelligent communication for long-term customer relationships and sustainable success.

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Values create value


We too are a brand. And we stand for values that are the foundation of our work. They are the guiding lights that show us the way and let you know how we work for you.







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Get your brand into shape


The cornerstones of our way of working: with our core competencies strategy, design and content relations, we help shape your brand and create sustainable success.

For us, intelligent communication is more than just a mix of media and measures. It is creative, holistic and authentic. It thrives on the ability to get to the bottom of things and understand them - the company, its services, its customers. It is the kind of communication that is sustainable and adds value, online and offline. And it is created in an agency by people who are independent thinkers, people who stay curious, who want to create and who put their heart and soul into supporting their clients - at rheinfaktor.


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And who holds the steering wheel?

The owners:

Iris Westermeier, brand and content strategist. Guaranteed navigation safety in all communication matters. Her holistic, strategic approach has become one of rheinfaktor's hallmarks.

Kai Danneberg, expert for digital and brand strategies. He combines ideas and expertise to provide brands, campaigns and communication with a contemporary profile. 

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Without borders

With partners at many international locations, we offer our customers competent contact points all over the world. Our diverse and strong network is there when you want to reach new shores.

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