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The superstar among sales talents

Fair prices, good services, broad range - there are many reasons for a cell phone contract with Telekom. And these reasons should be talked about. First and foremost, internally - with the customer service representatives: Not only should they assist customers with questions, but also actively promote contracts. In order to win the representatives for this task, Telekom planned a large-scale motivation and training campaign.


The strategy: How do you turn consultants into sales talents? The answer: with an exciting event. For Telekom's sales offensive, we staged a rousing show - and searched for the "Superstar". All roles were cast with staff members. After professional coaching in acting and singing, they used their performance to present the offerings of Telekom and its competitors. The audience was allowed to vote, and the winner was - of course - Telekom.

The result: The event concept, which was realized in the form of a roadshow at more than 10 locations in Germany, proved to be as creative as it was effective: attending staff members felt well integrated into the sales offensive. They developed the sales arguments in a playful way, significantly motivating them for the upcoming sales tasks and resulting in a relevant increase in customers.