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"We live health"

As the European market leader in occupational health and safety as well as in company health care, B·A·D has been supporting companies for more than 40 years in providing safe and sound working environments. For its team of 4,000 health experts, the service provider is looking for further colleagues while also aiming to boost its image as an employer.

Employer Branding B·A·D

The strategy: B·A·D offers healthy workplaces and the best prospects - in other words, ideal conditions for positioning itself as a top employer. With the claim "Wir leben Gesundheit" (We live health), we bring the brand promise to a head and create the basis for a unique, likeable employer image. Videos from everyday working life and employees as ambassadors provide for an authentic employer experience through job previews on the career site, recruiting materials and social media communication.

The result: B·A·D is a healthy company in every respect and an attractive employer - this message is well received by candidates and employees alike.

Employer Branding BAD BAD Gesundheit
BAD Employer Branding B·A·D

"We live health" - our claim is a strong anchor for employer storytelling
and creatively integrated into the materials in a variety of ways.