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Visual storytelling on the future of the food industry

Anuga in Cologne is the most important meeting place for the food and beverage industry - and has been since 1919. In 2019, the leading global trade fair celebrated its 100th anniversary with an inspiring look into the future. In the "Horizon 2050" special show, it addressed the industry's key future issues: New Nutrition, Internet of Food, Alternative Proteins, and Sustainable Environments.


The strategy: How can the focus topics featured in "Horizon 2050" be communicated in a contemporary and at the same time appealing way? Designing the special show, we relied on visual storytelling with powerful infographics, interactive elements and a clean look. Since all elements were developed directly on 3D models, the implementation and coordination of materials proved to be highly efficient.

The result: The spirited, informative presentation was extremely well received by the visitors. The special show was met with great interest, invited visitors to interact and exchange ideas, and provided a wide range of ideas on how to meet the challenges of the future. This is demonstrated not least by numerous discussions on social media.

100 years of Anuga, that is 100 years of taste, trends & trade.
We tell the whole story in an animated timeline.