A well-rounded launch for a new bicycle brand

Vast product ranges, endless feature lists and technical details galore - many consumers are irritated when the purchase of a relatively simple product turns into an academic exercise. The makers of ROBA BICYCLES recognized this. That's why they entered the market, characterized by fierce competition, with the aim of launching a new, completely different bicycle brand. We were given the task of strategically building the brand and ensuring its visibility in the market.


The strategy: Minimalism and high quality - these are the central design principles of ROBA BICYCLES. This not only applies to the products, but to the entire brand image of the young company. We defined "clear, valuable, essential, personal" as the core values of the start-up company. Our claim "Wheels for life" expresses the ambitious goal and performance promise in a nutshell.

The result: ROBA BICYCLES exactly meets the lifestyle of its target group. Right from the start, it was perceived as a strong brand with great appeal. The specialized trade in particular honors its unique approach within the industry: Already in the first year, more than 70 dealers decide to sell ROBA bicycles.