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A broad range of services in a nutshell

From a purely technical testing organization, TÜV Hessen has developed into a broad-based security service provider that tests and certifies almost everything: from buildings to companies, from vehicles to industrial plants. On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, TÜV Hessen wanted to emphasize this wide range of services - and commissioned us to design a high-quality image brochure.

TÜV Hessen

The strategy: There are countless potential risks - but one partner who ensures safety. By juxtaposing complexity and simplicity, we present TÜV Hessen as a strong, independent security partner that keeps an eye on everything. To this end, we presented impressive examples from its diverse range of services.

The result: The image brochure is a success - focused, fact-filled and vivid, with a varied mix of images and text, information and emotion

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