Variety of work

In recent years, ORGATEC has changed from a product trade fair to a themed trade fair.  It is the only trade fair and communication platform that shows the perfect interplay of work environment, work processes and work culture. The new communications strategy was designed to reflect this change.


The strategy: Variety shapes our working world in a previously unknown way. It influences work cultures, work environments, and work processes. It is a challenge and an opportunity, a resource and a driving force for the further development of companies and economies - and for each and every one of us.

A good enough reason for us to place these aspects at the very core of communications - with the central idea 'Rethinking Work', the motto and key visual 'Variety of Work' as well as a comprehensive social media presence. In this way, ORGATEC conveys on all channels what it offers exhibitors and visitors at the trade fair: new perspectives, inspiring concepts and market-leading solutions for all aspects of work.

The result: The new strategy proved to be impactful. ORGATEC was pleased to see the early booking of exhibition space, enthusiastic visitors and extremely positive feedback as well as twice as many followers on all social media channels.