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In focus: High End fascination

Canon is one of the leading providers of imaging solutions in the world and has been the uncontested Number 1. in the German camera market for years now. From simple digital cameras for happy snappers up to professional high-end Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras, Canon continues to offer innovative new features for more photo fun. When it comes to launching new products, Canon contacts the Media directly to let the editors of the top photo- and imaging magazines form a firsthand impression of the merits of the latest Canon innovations.


The Strategy: We organize a press event for Canon to launch their new high-end SLR camera, to emphasize the company’s ambitions, and to communicate its innovative and premium brand image. The launch event is held at an outstanding luxury hotel – a unique meeting point for an informal get together.

The Result: The press launch is a complete success. Journalists and organizers both have an exciting day and mingle with each other in a relaxed, easy atmosphere.