Successful balancing act between science and emotion

Jennewein is the first biotechnology company able to produce human milk oligosaccharides (HMO). These complex sugar molecules are identical in structure and health-promoting effects to natural HMOs from breast milk. Thanks to this groundbreaking innovation, for the first time non-breastfed children can also benefit from the positive attributes of HMO. Under the label "Mum's Sweet Secret", the aim is to commercialize HMOs as baby food on an international scale - in a market that is both highly sensitive and highly restrictive, with very different regional requirements.

Brand Strategy
Digital & Motion

The strategy: We supported the international launch of the new product right from the start: with comprehensive analyses, international market research and intensive workshops. On this basis, we developed a sustainable brand strategy and designed all communication materials. HMOs are the very best part of breast milk - we first placed this message with physicians using factual and scientific argumentation, winning them over as multipliers and advocates. By means of an emotional address and a descriptive explanatory film, we also sparked the interest of young mothers.

The result: Our expertise in the communication of complex topics requiring explanation paid off. The balancing act between scientific and emotional appeal proved to be successful:  the launch was off to a great start and the product a success in the market.