rheinfaktor is full of ideas, full of creative energy - and yet follows a clear course. We are guided by values that form the basis of all our activities: clarity, imagination, commitment, a high quality standard and above all: self-reliance/proactivity. These values are the guiding lights in our working horizon. They show us the way when we embark on our journey.


We think and work in an analytical, strategic and conceptual way. Intelligent communication is no coincidence. We achieve it with expertise, creativity and persistence - and with just the right dose of intuition.


We are curious and flexible, we look for the inimitable. We are creative - not for creativity's sake, but to achieve a goal. True creativity can be measured by success.


We are enthusiastic. We burrow into new projects, we dig in, and we dig deeper. But we can also let go again and look at things from a new perspective. Commitment is the perfect interplay of proximity and distance, of attention to detail and overview.


We set high standards - especially for ourselves. We deliver outstanding performance through a combination of diverse talents, viewpoints and skills - and through a constructively critical perspective.


We are independent – in our thoughts and actions, in our language and our consultancy. We have our own ideas and set our own impulses. We help our clients to develop an individual profile by addressing their issues and requirements in a fresh and unbiased manner.