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Thinking in terms of design means making strategies visible. It means to independently and distinctly transform them into images, materials and shapes. Together with you, we will find a unique translation for your brands and campaigns: attention-grabbing, highly effective, unique.


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Corporate Design

Sensible - and pleasing to the senses

A coherent corporate design is convincing all around. It shapes your image, attracts attention and ensures recognition. It is the visual expression of your brand. An entity made up of different elements, cleverly and creatively combined.  

The customer-specific strategy is always our starting point. On this basis, we develop the central design elements, from logo and color scheme to typography and design grid through to the visual language. To appeal to all the senses, we also address the sound and haptics of your brand if so desired.

We will create a set of rules in the form of a brand book that guarantees your brand a strong, consistent appearance across all channels - and an appearance that remains anchored in the minds and hearts. 

Let us inspire you


Igniting the spark of inspiration

We are getting to the heart of complex issues: concisely, memorably, with an intelligent twist that anchors the message. Wherever it meets its audience - a good campaign ignites passion immediately. 

What it takes? Ideas that fit the task. A team that complements each other congenially in text and design. The creative power to put the measures into an attractive form and the knowledge of how and where we take the campaign out into the world and to your target groups. Because we don't like doing things by halves.


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Film, Video & Motion Design

Moving pictures that move

Moving pictures tell stories in a variety of formats. With us, they become a multimedia experience consisting of images and text, illustration, animation, sound and music: gripping and expressive. We set your brand in motion so that people see, hear, feel, understand, and love it.

We do so through explanatory videos, animated presentations, or social media spots - but also with classic measures such as TV spots, image films or the documentation of events. We plan, script and produce - from the idea to the storyboard to the playout.


Trade fair design

In the limelight

A successful trade show appearance sets the stage for brands and creates real connections. It invites dialogue and makes brands memorable in the best possible way.

Our inspiring concepts make your brand shine: before the trade fair, at the trade fair and afterwards. Together with you, we will develop an eye-catching stand concept that takes shape in a 3D model. In addition, we create matching videos, digital signage, presentations, animations and all the materials and communication activities you need for a successful performance.