Inspiring media work

A.S. Création is Germany’s leading manufacturer of wallpaper. But not everybody who decorates his interior with a creation of the Gummersbach-based company knows where it hails from. A.S. Création does not only develop its concepts for its own brands A.S. Création, livingwalls and Architects Paper, but also for licensed brands auch as Esprit Home, Schöner Wohnen or Brigitte Home. The communication needs to reflect this diversity of brands.

Content Relations A.S. Création
A.S. Création

The Strategy: Wallpapers are lifestyle products: they emphasize the personal style and turn living quarters into comfort zones. Such imaginative products deserve an especially creative staging – that’s why we rely on lively, spirited texts in our PR work. They focus on the distinctive features of the collections and at the same time mirror their creative variety.

The Result: A.S. Création is extensively featured in special interest, trade and lifestyle magazines on a regular basis. And the message is being heard: A.S. Création is perceived as a creative and quality-oriented manufacturer that enriches the market time and again.