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Everyone in Germany knows the Grüne Punkt (Green Dot), the license symbol of a European network of industry-funded systems for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods. Less well known, however, is the group of companies behind it. The Duales System Deutschland is a pioneer in high-grade recycling and closed-loop recycling management - and to this day one of the leading providers of sustainable collection systems. With a broad range of innovative services, individual consulting, tailor-made disposal concepts, and administrative support, DSD offers its customers real added value.

Duales System Deutschland

The strategy: "Mehr.Wert. – Mehr Service. Mehr Wirtschaftlichkeit. Mehr Nachhaltigkeit“ (Worth more/more value - more service. More economic efficiency. More sustainability) - this is our central theme with which we confidently communicate the benefits DSD offers its customers. We use a bold plus sign as an attention-grabbing key visual with a high recognition value. 

The result: Entertaining films and accompanying materials illustrate the B2B offering, highlight the advantages for clients in a memorable way, and position the Dual System Germany as the industry's innovation leader.

Entertaining short films with a mix of motion design and live-action
are the central medium of our " MEHR.WERT" campaign,
which highlights the services of the Duales System Deutschland
in a customer-oriented way.

Corporate Publishing

24 million tons fewer greenhouse gases - sustainable business pays off: for the environment, for consumers, for companies. This is clearly shown by the environmental balance sheet of Duales System Deutschland. It is the hook for our storytelling, which illustrates the company's achievements in terms of innovation with a varied mix of topics and styles.