Corporate Identity Philips


Bright image by means moving images

Philips Lighting lights up the world: in Beijing's Olympic Stadium, the Reichstag in Berlin, major airports and offices around the globe. The company is number 1 in lighting technology worldwide. The aim is was to extend its market leadership to private homes. For this reason, the company merged the previously independent Lamps and Luminaires divisions to form the new Philips Consumer Lighting Solutions unit - thus creating the world's largest supplier of household lighting. Our mission was to communicate the brand's comprehensive expertise convincingly to clients, retailers and staff.


The strategy: We developed a distinct positioning of the new business unit and produced an image film as well as an image presentation. Both combine factual information with emotional appeal. They emphasize the innovative power and competence of Philips Consumer Lighting Solutions and position the division as a strong brand for innovative and efficient lighting solutions that perfectly accentuate individual living styles.

The result: Philips Consumer Lighting Solutions was thrilled: the film and presentation reflected the brand messages in a catchy and congenial way. This also goes down well with all target groups - in fact, so much so that the film is quickly being translated into four other languages.

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